Blackjack 21

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BlackJack or 21 is a casino game where your goal is get a 21 or be as close as possible without exceeding it. If you’re closer to 21 than the dealer or if the dealer go over 21, you win the hand (one time your original bet). If your hand as same value as his, your bet is returned. A “Blackjack” is when you draw an Ace + a card valued 10, in that case you receive one and a half times your original bet.


Rules: Cards from 2 till 10 have the value shown on the card. Face cards have a value of 10 and Ace can be a 1 or an 11. You receive 2 cards face up and the dealer 1 face up and 1 face down. You can hit (draw another card) or stand. Under 16, the dealer must hit. Then it’s time to compare hands.

Additional Bets! You’re able to make other bets in particular cases. If you have two cards of same value, you can split them; or you can Double Up if your hand value is 9, 10 or 11. You are also able to take insurance when the dealer has an Ace face up.

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